Dairy Training Event - Yakima

Dairy Training Event - Yakima

Nutrient Management Training for Dairy Producers in Eastern WA

Thursday, January 15, 2015


Dairy Training - 01 - What is in your DNMP?

Nichole Embertson, PhD, Whatcom Conservation District

Dr Nichole Embertson gives a brief overview of what is in your Dairy Nutrient Management Plan (DNMP) as a way to introduce the upcoming talks for the day.

Dairy Training - 02 - Dairy Nutrient Management Rules and Regulations

Chery Sullivan, WSDA

Chery Sullivan goes over the rules and regulations related to dairy operations in Washington State. Chery also goes over the expectations of the Dairy Nutrient Management Act including penalties, inspections, recordkeeping requirements, and third party applications. She also covers some upcoming potential legislation and how that will effect dairy producers in WA.

Dairy Training - 03 - Manure verses Chemical Fertilizer

Nichole Embertson, PhD, Whatcom Conservation District

Dr Nichole Embertson gives overview comparison of the differences between manure verses chemical fertilizer use. She goes over why manure is a valuable commodity on your farm, but also some of the challenges you need to be aware of when using it as a fertilizer.

Dairy Training - 04 - Nutrient Cycling in the Environment

Nichole Embertson, PhD, Whatcom Conservation District

Keith Harrington, NRCS

Nichole Embertson and Keith Harrington join forces to talk about nutrient (N, P, K) cycling in the environment including soil, groundwater (leaching), surface water (runoff), and air emissions. Keith starts off with an overview of your soils and how to use the online Web Soil Survey tool to determine soil properties such as nitrate leaching potential. Nichole then complements that information by describing why and how manure can be an issue for air quality and the requirements for managing air quality on your farm.

Dairy Training - 05 - Crops and Agronomic Rate Application

Kevin Daivis, NRCS

Kevin Davis gives an overview of some of the more pertinent topics of agronomic crop production in Western WA including nitrogen movement and availability, N use efficiency, and crop nutrient needs. He utilizes NRCS tools and guidance to go over the process of good nutrient management and application.

Dairy Training - 06 - Irrigation Water Management

Troy Peters, PhD, Washington State University

Dr Troy Peters goes over the benefits of irrigation water management including why it matters, how proper irrigation scheduling can increase yields, and the pitfalls of over irrigating. Using great illustrations and graphs, Troy explains how irrigation management can help you improve crop yields while reducing leaching risks. Additionally, Dr Peters gives a great tutorial on using the Irrigation Schedule tool which is available for free at http://weather.wsu.edu/is.

Dairy Training - 07 - Nutrient Sampling

David Haggith, N3

David Haggith provides a great overview of nutrient sampling protocols, requirements, and sample analysis. Using great examples and bits of humor, David navigates through the complexities of sampling to provide the information you need.

Dairy Training - 09 - What’s New in the Farm Bill

Corey Bonsen, NRCS

Corey Bonsen goes over what’s new in the 2014 Farm Bill and how that effects you. He also presents what current opportunities are available for NRCS EQIP cost share.

Dairy Training - 10 - Management Tools and Technologies

Nichole Embertson, PhD, Whatcom Conservation District

Dr Nichole Embertson goes over some of the tools and resources available to you to help you implement your nutrient plan more effectively. Most importantly, she goes over the new dairy plan website (www.wadairyplan.org) and all of the useful resources available to producers on that site.