Mortality Management

As a prouder, you are responsible for ensuring that animal mortalities are not disposed of in a liquid manure, storm water, or process wastewater storage or treatment system that is not specifically designed to treat animal mortalities. Mortalities can be managed by performing one of the following:

  • Utilization of a rendering company to remove mortalities.
  • If the producer intends to bury the mortalities they may do so in accordance with WAC 246-203-121 which requires:
    • disposal within 72 hrs,
    • burials be surrounded by 3 ft of earth on all sides,
    • burials be at least 100 ft from surface water or wells.
  • In accordance with WAC 16-25, for animals dying of disease or unknown causes, the distance from wells or surface water is increased to 300 ft when disposing of mortalities via burying.
  • Livestock that have died from a reportabledisease must be disposed of in consultation with the state veterinarian.
  • If mortalities will be composted, the facility shall comply with Ecology Publication No: 05-07-034 “On-Farm Composting of Livestock Mortalities”. Guidelines for mortality composting are outlined in this plan.