ARM Worksheet

The Application Risk Management (ARM) Worksheet will help you make real-time manure application management decisions to help prevent runoff events from your fields. It has been designed to be used with the Application Risk Management (ARM) System outlined in your Dairy Nutrient Management Plan. If you would like to participate in this program, please call your planner or a plan update and/or ARM Risk Analysis for your fields.

Application Risk Management (ARM) Worksheet

Access the ARM Worksheet from the ARM Weather Map to pre-fill the forecast information

The ARM Worksheet is a web based application that will provide you with an analysis of your application risks as you enter in your data. You may collect most of your information in the field using the Field Assessment Worksheet then enter it into the spreadsheet to assess your level of risk and obtain guidelines for application.

Information needed for each field includes: forecast, water table depth, soil moisture, field conditions, vegetative cover, application equipment, vegetative treatment strip condition, and setback distances. Guidelines for each parameter can be found in the Application Parameters section.

Once completed, you will be asked to send the worksheet to your planner prior to application. This will ensure that you have gone through the analysis process correctly and allows your planner to offer feedback when necessary. Alerting of your intent to apply enables us to properly address inquires and inform people that your application of manure is being done properly according to your plan specifications.

Disclaimer: Please note, even if this worksheet says it is okay to apply, it cannot account for every variable or condition present on your field. It is your responsibility to use your best judgment and adhere to all application guidelines outlined in your plan. Always err on the side of caution to prevent unwanted discharges. Manure application practices that cause a discharge can lead to fines and/or necessitate a CAFO permit for your facility. The Whatcom Conservation District and the NRCS assume no responsibility for inappropriate manure application. Proper application is ultimately your responsibility.

WARNING: If you choose not to adhere to the guidelines presented on this Worksheet and apply manure without doing the necessary analysis, you may lose the privilege of using the ARM system and not be able to apply manure during the high risk months (October-February), or be subject to penalties by a State regulatory agency (i.e., WSDA, or DOE).